Just a quick note to let parents know that your dedicated Gymstars coaches will still be holding Thursday 8th March Gymnastics classes despite the weather.  Please note though – the car park may be treacherous and we would recommend that, for health & safety reasons, you park your cars on the roadside instead perhaps.   Thank you.

Due to the unprecedented weather conditions and the closure of Trinity All Saints Primary School for Health & Safety reasons, the coaches of Bingley Gymstars will have to CANCEL the classes due to be held on  Saturday the 3rd March 2018.

Summer holidays 2017

We’re resting for the summer now.  Our last classes were Thursday 13th and Saturday 15th July and we don’t return now until Thursday 14th and Saturday 16th September.  We hope you all have a lovely summer break.

Don’t forget our Thursday class has a new starting time in September.  The first class will commence at 5 pm and the second class will start later at 6 pm, though the duration of each is still one hour.

See you then!

Saturday Summer Gym Classes 2017

Unusually Bingley Gymstars are hosting classes during the summer holidays, the first one being held on Saturday 29th July followed by Saturday’s 5th, 12th & 19th of August. We are expecting high demand and so these classes will be available to our current gymnasts on a first come first served basis.

Parents who are keen for their children to participate should express their interest before the end of this half term which is week ending 27th May 2017.

When provisional details have been collected then final class times can be allocated and children will be invited to the relevant class during the first few weeks of the next half term which starts on Thursday 8th June/Saturday 10th June 2017.

New tumble track!

We finally have sufficient funds thanks to Skipton Building Society Grassroot Giving Fund and support from Pent Alpha Masonic Lodge (together with the help of interest free credit!) to purchase our own Tumble Track.  We are very excited about this.  We will be sharing the photos of this with you via our website and on our Facebook pages when we take receipt of this new piece of gymnastics equipment.

Tumbling is a form of gymnastics performed without props or equipment and a tumble track allows the gymnast to gain more ‘spring’ allowing the gymnast to perform more difficult gymnastic elements.  Moves performed in tumbling include things such as handsprings, flics, tucks and various other somersaults.  A track enables the gymnast to execute the linkage of these very difficult moves.  

Watch this space!


Help us raise some vital funding!

We’ve got some exciting news – we’ve been shortlisted for Skipton Building Society’s Grassroots Giving competition!

If successful, we’re looking to purchase an air tumble track which has the potential to be extended at a later date, if any future funding allowed. By expanding the range of equipment available to us, we will be able increase the range of our Gymnast’s abilities!

You can read more about our funding application, and, more importantly, can vote for us on the below site. Please share this link with all of your friends & family and help us secure some exciting funding!