Meet the Coaches

Head Coach – Claire

Claire previously competed at regional level in women’s artistic gymnastics.

With qualifications in both Women’s Artistic gymnastics and pre-school gymnastics  Claire has at least 12 years experience at all levels. Claire is a qualified Women’s Artistic Gymnastics regional judge.

Incidentally she is a fully qualified Diving Instructor too!  Currently teaching PE in local schools Claire is used to working with children of all ages and although she developed as a competitive gymnast herself Claire firmly believes that recreational gymnastics is great springboard to the participation in any sport your child may wish to consider in the future.

Coach – Joan

Joan has been involved in general gymnastics from the age of eight and particularly excelled in Acrobatic Gymnastics where she competed nationally as part of a Mixed Pair.

With  qualifications in both General and Acrobatic Gymnastics Joan has many years coaching experience (more than she cares to admit!) of all abilities and is also Pre-School Gymnastics qualified.

Joan is also a Karate Instructor and is keen to encourage children of all ages and abilities to participate in any sport. She believes that gymnastics is a particularly good way of focusing the energy of young children and teaching flexibility and core stability.

Coach – Dan

With a Sport Science degree and a general sporting background Dan is qualified to coach various sports such as football and rugby.  Having now qualified as a level two gymnastics coach Dan is keen to share his enthusiasm and bring an added inspiration to the gym.


Vicky is a fully qualified primary school teacher; some of you may recognise her as she recently taught at Lady Lane Park School in Bingley. She has taken a break from teaching since having her daughter but is still committed to coaching gymnastics.

Olivia is currently training to be a secondary school teacher locally so is used to supervising and managing children. Olivia was originally taught gymnastics by Claire whilst at school and has kept an interest in the sport since then though her main love is trampolining.

Vicky or Olivia will sometimes be helping us with our coaching responsibilities, they are both British Gymnastics qualified and are true assets to our club.

Any coach who helps at our club will be qualified to a certain level, first aid trained and DBS checked.  Sometimes we assist young coaches (male & female) to obtain further coaching qualifications by supervising their coaching skills as they help during our classes. We are sure you will all welcome any coaching newcomer to our club with open arms.